The Silva ClinoMaster is a hand-held instrument for measuring vertical angles. ClinoMaster is available in two versions featuring different sighting systems :
  • Lensatic
  • Prismatic.
The ClinoMaster Lensatic is the traditional Clinometer model featuring an aluminium protected sighting system for withstanding the toughest conditions.
ClinoMaster Prismatic combines the traditional ClinoMaster features with a superbly clear and light-strong prismatic sighting system. Thanks to the construction it is extremely easy to obtain accurate readings even in dark conditions.
  • Sighting system The ClinoMaster Lensatic is equipped with a parallax free glass lens magnification (10x) sighting system, integrated in the alum
  • Capsule Anti-static liquid filled for optimal dampening of the clinometer card.
  • Clinometer card The ClinoMaster Lensatic is equipped with an aluminium clinometer card with a precision scale.The prismatic version is equipped
  • Accuracy Max +-0.25° from true angle with precision sighting. Max +-1.0° from true angle with direct reading at the lubber line on top of
  • Dimensions and weights LA-models 75x53x16 mm. Weight:110 g. PA-models 75x53x16 mm. Weight:120 g.
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